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Just Sold by Joe – 17990 Ruddy St., Woodland

Wow!  This beauty on the Yolo Flyers golf course in Wildwings recently closed escrow for $415,000. Over 3,800 square feet of living area, built in 2005. Congrats, buyers! Thanks for the opportunity to help make it happen.


Davis vs Woodland Real Estate Price Differential 2000-2008

For years, the differential between Davis and Woodland home values was fairly consistent as Woodland prices ran roughly 70-75% of Davis values.  As the market warm up in the early 2000’s became a sizzle by 2005, Woodland residential values had inched up as high as 77% of Davis prices, which is interesting but not necessarily striking. When the bottom fell out of the Woodland real estate market in 2007, one could purchase a similarly sized Woodland home for just 54% of one in Davis, and the gap widened even more when comparing  the last four months of 2008 when the prices slid another 3% to a paultry 51%. If homes were sold like boxes of cereal, it’s now BOGO in Woodland vs Davis.

The statistic I use for the analysis is sold price per square foot (per MLS sales), as this most accurately portrays value differentials, as opposed to comparing average or median sale prices which fails to take into account that the average home sold in Woodland is slightly smaller than in Davis by approximately 200 square feet.

Here’s the complete chart:

Price per sq. ft    00      01      02     03     04     05     06     07     08     Sep-Dec 08

Woodland             111   130   152   174   217   259   250   221   162    149

Davis                       153   181   220   249   285   335   328   317   300   290


relative price      73%  72%   69%   70%  76% 77%  76%  70%  54%  51%